Leave Aaron Rodgers Alone

Talking Heads

I read an article this morning that was condemning the wise quarter back Aaron Rodgers for not taking the experimental spike protein cocktail of toxins being called a vaccine... that includes aborted fetal tissue, heavy metals, debris, and other contaminants... as shown by several highly acclaimed doctors that are number one in their fields.

Aaron Rodgers was actually called a liar, in a way, by the writers Kelly McLaughlin and Tyler Lauletta in an article in the "Insider" today, November 3, 2021, that appeared, reprinted in Yahoo News.

The issue appears to be about the fact that Aaron Rodgers has a natural immunity from the covid 19 virus. When he was asked about having the jab... he answered that he had immunity. Therefore, he did not lie. Why should he have to lie anyway? It is his body; he can do whatever he decides to do with his own body. This is America, not communist China... right?

Yet he was being called out for making a decision for his own body. If Aaron Rodgers does not want to take a covid 19 injection into his body... that is his God given free will choice. He should not have to explain, get permission, beg, nor kiss up to anyone for their understanding or approval.

My Body My Choice

It seems that some people are becoming intrusive and insane when it comes to them feeling and or believing that they have the right to force their thinking and beliefs off onto others and make them comply.

The people that have this attitude are the same ones that are pro murdering babies through abortion... some carry signs that says "my body, my choice" and they truly believe that it is okay to murder the unborn but it is not okay for people to say "no" to an experimental, so called vaccine... that have already killed large numbers of people, caused heart attacks, strokes, paralysis, nerve trauma, blood clots, horrible rashes, and a host of other maladies. 

But when Aaron Rodgers says through his insightful action of not getting an experimental jab, "his body, his choice" these people don't think that is okay. What freaking hypocrisy!

They reported that Aaron said, "to each his own", that if his team mates or anyone else wanted to take the shot/jab, go for it... let them make their own free will choice... and let him do the same.

What Happened To The Nobel Peace Prize Winner?

The creator of the "test" being used to detect covid 19 died mysteriously. He is on video telling the world that he "NEVER" intended for that test to be used to detect covid or any other virus because it could easily be manipulated by turning the magnification up... which would magically get any result the tester wanted.

That clearly shows that anyone can receive a false positive of whatever. When the inventor went public on video stating that... he "died" suddenly and sadly.

Aaron Rodgers is Not Alone

The quarterback Kirk Cousins, for the Minnesota Vikings, was treated harshly for refusing to get the spike protein jab. A medical establishment from his home town was angry with him for not taking the jab and made some ignorant comments towards him. Thank God Kirk followed his own inner guidance.

Another quarterback, Cam Newton, was and is still being treated harshly for not taking the injection... Again, thank God Cam is following his own inner guidance.

There is a basketball star that took the jab and is now debilitated and wishing he had never made that life changing error. He is no longer able to play ball. And on top of that, he said, on video, that he was told to shut up and not tell the public what happened to him... but he had enough care and love for others to tell his story anyway.

The Truth is Being Covered Up

His story is not an isolated case. There are flood tides of those kind of stories from people from all walks of life... they are being concealed... Why are they being covered up? Does that make sense? Where are the open debates? Why is the covid narrative one sided? Why do we now have truth checkers that thinks for us and tell us what to believe? Who appointed these hired or self appointed "truth checkers"? Who do they work for? Follow the money... see what you find.

It's your body; it's your choice, say NO to tyranny. When your free will is not respected and when force, intimidation and shaming come into play... tyranny is trying to rear its ugly head.

It's Aaron Rodgers choice. It's Kirk Cousins choice. It's Cam Newton's choice. It's your choice; it is every individual's choice... not some bureaucrat or their minions' choice. They are using manipulation through controlled media bought and paid for by big pharmaceutical companies and the other "big" adversaries.

If you have any questions... send me an email. If you have any comments, leave them here on my website.

Until next time,



Freedom Is A God Given Right, Not A Political Decision

It Is Much Worse Now Than It Was Then

Thirteen years ago I wrote my first article here at I Am Free America.com . In that article I wrote about our freedom and how it was being trampled upon by the same forces of evil that are currently attempting to run roughshod over all people on earth today.

Once again, they are using fear tactics... "be afraid of a virus" which, as several documented and verified sources have reported, the fear pushers have created the new virus and weaponized it to carry out their depopulation agenda that has been on going for at least a century. In the past, they have targeted the African American people, Hispanic people, American Indian people, and poor White people. It is different today. Now they are including everyone... all people, all races, and all socioeconomic categories. 

They Want Artificial Intelligence Robots Not Humans

They explained their fake concern about overpopulation and gave a warning for everyone to see... over a decade ago. It is still standing and posted for all to see on the "Georgia Guide Stones." It clearly states that their end goal is to murder 90% (ninety percent) of the worlds population. (Do a google search for that  name and read what they said).

In another article I posted back then there was a warning about the so called "United Nations". Firstly, that parasitical, predatory organization is far from uniting anything except its corruption and power.

Sadly, they have been built up by using the massive amounts of tax dollars that they have stolen annually from the American people (without the consent of the people) and they continue to siphon off our money to this day.

It is heart breaking to see how they hire pedophiles that prey on little children, toddlers, in third world nations... trading food for sex, rape... with impunity.

Defund The United Nation Cartel

There is no one in the USA that want to fund these evil people... knowing that they have admittedly confessed that this type of horrific evil is being carried out. The men that were found raping children in exchange for food were not even fired or jailed. They were just told to do better and excuses were made for them and they went on with business as usual.

There is a list of egregious acts, crimes against humanity being issued through this self declared rule making, dictatorial organization... and it is all destructive, anti freedom, and anti humanity... which only serve them and their sick agenda and no-one else.

Save Our Veterans And Other Homeless People

There are thousands of homeless Americans in every state in the USA. Many of those homeless people are veterans... veterans that have served in active duty in an effort to defend their homeland.

Let's start a movement to defund the UN. 

If we defund the UN and use that money for Americans, that could solve our homeless problem over night.

We could send our homeless people for job training that they choose... their own passion. That would help the economy and countless lives.

We Are Not Your Subjects

America is a sovereign nation. We don't need anti-freedom dictators telling us what to do and how to live our lives. We have a constitution with our rights outlined in great detail. No body of regulators in UN has any authority to make rules and regulations for the citizens of the United States of America. Even the president of the USA has rules and regulations and limitations of power and is subjected to the laws of the land.

We as a people exercise our free will, as long as that free will is not illegal nor immoral. That free will comes from God, not politicians, not bureaucrats, not CEO's, not organizations, not mad, pseudo scientists, not pharmaceutical executives, not malevolent aliens, not anyone.

We are united as one people and we are individualized beings in God, and we will remain that way.

In freedom and liberty forever,

I AM Victoria


America! Beware Of The Bilderberg Meeting In Switzerland

To all American patriots and freedom loving patriots everywhere in the world...if you can afford it...  go to Switzerland to join the protest against the Bilderberg group's meeting in session.

They are there right now plotting their agenda of what evil they want to terrorize humanity with next.   :-(

I'm listening to prison planet tv and watching the live feed from their reporters on the ground in Switzerland right now.  

They are reporting that the evil forces are now plotting to spread their planned wars throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

They are also planning to replace the current, disgraced International Monetary Fund's chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was accused of the attempted rape a maid on May 16, 2011... with, so far, an unnamed , new IMF chief from Mexico.

Other than the luxurious hotel where they are having their meeting and the breath taking mountains in the back drop... the rest of the scene looks like something from an outer space movie.

They have cameras on tripods about 15 feet apart. People are not allowed to walk near the hotel. Their robotical, armed minions are forcibly detaining people and checking their passports as intimidation.

What happened to civil rights? Why do they get to dictate where citizens can walk on roads they paid for? How do they get to take over an entire hotel and ban any other person from entering the premises?

We, the people of America and the world want to, and have the right to live free, today, tomorrow and forever!

In freedom, peace, and liberty,



America, Get Out Of The United Nations!

America would be wise to get of the United Nations immediately!

This week I did a lot of research looking for an article I read two years ago in main stream media about the United Nation's "peace keepers" trading food for sex with little children in Africa.

The U. N. workers admitted it. U.N. officials said they knew it was a problem but they were "trying to do better". Why are they exempt from prison?

During my research, what I found was so disturbing... that I could not sleep and the tears were coming involuntarily... I was numb.

The little, helpless children refer to the U.N. workers as the "blue hats". They think they are there to help them. Many of these children are orphans due to wars. Some of the "blue hats" let them know they have to trade sex for food... or starve and die.

Just go to google and type in "United Nation workers trade food for sex" and many pages of horrifying stories will come up. From Africa to Asia to South America, and even North America... scandalous recurring stories are told of sex abuse. Not only of helpless children but also women.

This evil entity, called the U.N., is funded, at least 50% of it, by the money that they rob from the American tax payers. So they take our money and use it to extract sex from children and women that are in dire circumstances.

Now, our president, Obama, has told congress that he takes orders from the United Nations. He has pretty much stated that we are no longer a sovereign nation. What happened to obeying the constitution?

So now anytime the United Nations decides they want to rob a country of their natural resources or land (under the guise of peace keeping)... they can just forcibly order American troops to go in and be slaughtered and to massacre innocent people anywhere in the world at any time... just because they say so.

Oh my God!

It actually took them two planned world wars in order to create this monster that so mockingly calls itself the "United Nations". And they did it by planting a Russian spy, Alger Hiss, in the United States government.

The only thing that is "united" about the U.N. is their unity in tyranny. And they are accomplishing this, for the most part, by using the United States money and military might.

Once again, America, get out of the United Nations! They are no more than evil, ruthless bullies that are destroying humanity world wide.



Am I Still Free In America?

As Americans, many of us have taken for granted that freedom and individual liberty is simply a birthright due to our constitution and its protections... and that it would always be there... no matter what.

Not so... Recently those constitutional rights have been under attack from the very people we have voted into office to protect them.

For example, Indiana is fighting to restore their fourth amendment right for protection against illegal searches of their homes. A judge ruled that it was okay for police and other "law enforcement agencies" to enter people's  homes if they suspect anything or for any reason or no reason.

Now no-one is save in their home and no-one has privacy or a secure feeling under their own roof. Make no mistake... if the state of Indiana gets away with that blatant violation of the constitution... tyrants in other states will follow suit... it's only a matter to time.

Another example is New Mexico. The people in that state are fighting to restore their second amendment right to be able to bear fire arms to protect themselves and their families if and when the need arise.

Make no mistake... if the state of New Mexico gets away with that blatant violation of the constitution... tyrants in other states will follow suit... some are already trying to do so as I write this blog post.

Just look at how the black water thugs beat old ladies in New Orleans and took their guns in a trial run... to see if the American people would just roll over and take it.

I heard today that Texas is under attack with a first amendment violation of the constitution... their valedictorians are not allow to use free speech and simply say "I thank God".

You see, they are forbidden to say "God" because it might offend someone. Now just how stupid is that? We are one nation under God but not allowed to say the word "God" in public for fear of offending someone.

For those who feel that history is boring and not worth studying... you are doomed to repeat the mistakes that have cost many their lives, fame and fortunes.

If you want a crash course in how these slithery evil forces have woven themselves into the fabric of our society and humanity world wide... click here ... for a story that will shock you and propel you to take action to restore the republic and promote freedom for everybody, everywhere.

To your enlightenment,


America's “Super Congress” or the “Super Dictators”

The litmus test for any current presidential candidate can be determined by a few key stances. The first one is the so called “Federal Reserve”. The second one is the "Military Industrial Complex". And the final one is the new, illegal, unconstitutional so called “Super Congress”.

When a candidate’s true position on any of these issues is revealed, it will show whether or not he or she is worthy to hold the office and title of President of the United States of America.

A Disturbing Pattern

For far too long, beginning in 1913 with Woodrow Wilson, our presidents have been put into office by the criminal offshore bankers to serve them and their overlords…the Rothschild’s and other associates of Nephilim, Watchers, Laggards, and Maldekians. Our presidents have been obedient servants… knowingly or unknowingly. As a result, the American people have been sold out and used to prop up the evil plans of foreign criminals and in so doing have lower their own standard of living and tarnished their image worldwide. But that is not enough for the criminal, evil bankers. Now they have decided to drive a stake through the heart and soul of America.

Hidden In Plain View

In the past it was very clear who these parasitical robber Barrons were. They did things like burning people at the stake in order to legally confiscate their property once they were dead and gone. Today they form big corporations and pay off politicians, using the taxes they rob from the people, to put laws, and rules and regulations in place that assures they eliminate their competition and guarantee their own profits and ability to control.

The Potential for Super Tyranny

The super congress is a mocking joke. It is completely unconstitutional and is another venue to be used for the Rothschild bankers to rob and pillage what resources the American people have left. And they are doing it all with a straight face. I guess they feel that they have chem trail sprayed and water fluoridated Americans enough so that they can no longer think, discern, see…

This committee of 12, 6 congressmen and 6 senators, and the 1 president… for a total of 13 is a covert mockery against Christianity. They have set themselves up as the 12 disciples and Christ.

I remember Obama joking about not being born in a manger. Well, Mr. President, with the untold suffering that have come upon America since you took the helm from our last dim witted president… Bush Jr, I don’t think anybody believe you were born in a manger… perhaps more like a lair.

Ceremonial Edward Bernays’ Propaganda Pushers

Congress has the lowest approval rating that they have ever had… only 12 percent of the American people approve of what they are doing. More than likely, that 12 percent are the members of their families that enjoy the lavish lifestyle that the American people are forced to pay for them.

Now that the super congress has, in effect, pulled of their coup d’état… congress will have no real meaningful function. They will not be able to use a filibuster to block a horrid bill. They will not be able to amend any of the bills that come out of the “super congress”. In other words, congress is powerless and have sat on their butts and allowed a group of lackeys to totally disregard our constitution.

The only job that congress can perform now other than steal tax payer dollars is to be pushers for the “super congress” using Edward Bernays’ mind control techniques, that he learned from his uncle, Sigmund Freud and used to train the criminal bankers, corporate America and politicians, effectively keeping Americans in a conscious and subconscious fear mode about pseudo wars on terror, pseudo wars on drugs, and any other lies they can dream up to frighten the people into giving up more of their freedom.

The Past can Predict the Future

Will the super congress try to violate our 2nd amendment rights in the near future and come up with gun control and send their black ops mercenary troops door to door to forcibly take away American’s guns?

Will they make every illegal immigrant a citizen of the United States without having to go through the legal process that many people’s ancestors had to go through that assured they understood and wanted to be a part of the American culture and society?

Will they give another 32 trillion dollars to Wall Street and the Rothschild bankers… further robbing Americans and bankrupting this nation?

Will they give Ben Bernanke the go ahead to crank up the printing press and print money until it is totally worthless… creating hyperinflation and wiping out all the savings Americans have left?

Will they delegate more of the whittling away of this nation’s sovereignty and security like they did with the Uruguay Agreements / World Trade Organization under the Bill Clinton administration?

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Allowing this “super congress” to make the decisions for this nation is like putting a fox in charge of taking care of a hen's house.

Big corporations have already started pouring in mega contributions to the members of this “super congress”. Do you think that will influence their ill gained power and the decisions they make? Who will those decisions benefit… the people or the companies and corporations that are forking over the big bucks?

The founders of this once great nation risked their lives and fortunes to get away from the control of tyrannical dictators… to have the freedom and liberty to live life in peace with the ability to be prosperous.

Those same forces of abject evil have infiltrated the fabric of the American society and are eating away at it like termites on an old, dilapidated house.

Do you care enough about this nation to do something about it before it is too late?

We have a Constitution. It is being blatantly violated. Let your voice be heard! The time has come. It is now or never.

On the path of freedom and liberty,




America Company Denies Responsibility for Samonella Poisoning in Their Food

Americans should really think of becoming vegetarians, unless you raise your own sources of meat. And also... start growing as much of your own food as possible.

I just had horrific food poisoning from a package of Honeysuckle ground turkey from the maker Cargill Meats. And all they have decided to do about it is to have people call and harass me about how they don't think it was possible because the meat was 93% fat free as opposed to 85% fat free where they originally had the problem??? Try and go figure that???

They also told me that I "can't prove" their turkey gave me samonella food poisoning because I did not go to the doctor and have them take a stool sample... and waste money they're not going to reimburse me for.

So since there is no "evidence"... they can't do anything about it other than deny it and cast off their responsibility for making me, and only God knows' how many other people, terribly ill.

Then one of the women that called me went on to try and convince me that I'm clueless about what I put in my own body and how it affects me and that "regulatory agencies" make sure that their products are "good".

Just do a google search to see "how good" those bought and paid for regulatory agencies are doing "watching and making sure" by the number of recalls and illness and deaths are caused by toxic foods.

Another thing that is worth noting is how a large number of the employees in the various regulatory agencies are also former employees of the big companies that they are "regulating".

It's truly disgusting. And to think... our politicians are working overtime to outlaw our ability to even have a backyard garden.

Americans beware of what you eat!

In freedom and liberty,



America Stay Awake, Please!

Well, the election is over and once again the people sent a message loud and clear to Washington D. C. that they are ready for a change.

But this is the same thing that happened the last time and we still don't have any changes except for tyrannical changes that none of the people want.

What we really have are two different political parties that have the same shadow government boss. Nothing really changes except the people that suck up our money, civil liberties, freedom, property, and privacy.

The game just goes on and gets worse and worse every day. So I plead with you Americans, please don't think that because you just voted out the democrats that the republicans will do any better.

Aren't you tired of having to choose between big, bad evil and lesser evil? I know I am.

We need true patriots that will live up to the oath they take to uphold and follow the Constitution of the United States of America.

And the creeps that are in office that are not living up to the oath they take when they are sworn in and given all our tax dollars to live in the lap of luxury...should be fired and held accountable immediately! Otherwise the fraud and looting will continue.

America Awake!

America’s Freedom and the Assault of The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) under the (United States Department of Homeland Security)

I will ask this question again. Am I free in America?

When I take a look around at nearly every aspect of the American society…the answer is a resounding NO! I watched a video yesterday, actually several videos.  They were very informative.

I would like to share some of the crucial facts they presented that confirmed my beliefs.

The first fact is that the TSA doesn’t give a care about protecting the American people.

A man, and FBI agent was showing how his dog, Dora, who was about 100% proficient in sniffing out bombs… he actually said she could detect 19,000 different types of explosives. He also said that these bomb sniffing dogs are what the FBI uses to make sure their facilities are safe.

Revelation from fact number one: The FBI does not use humiliating, cancer causing, pornography rendering, naked body scanners for protection or disease transmitting gloves used in groping sessions for safety measures.

The second fact is that the Russian airports uses bomb sniffing dogs to keep their airports safe. They showed how the dogs move freely throughout the airport does not bother any of the passengers, and do their job of keeping the people safe.

If a dog actually found something…it went through a ritual to warn its master. First the dog would sit next to the explosive, then bark, and finally smell where the explosive was located.

Revelation from fact number two: The Russian people are not bathed in radiation and set up for cancer and untold suffering, bankruptcy from future medical bills from cancer, and premature death. Pictures of their genital won’t end up on the internet, or a data base, or passed around for the viewing pleasure and jokes of TSA workers or their criminal overlords.

The Russian people won’t have their genitals squeezed, exposed, or germed up from disease transmitting, unchanged gloves worn by people searching their bodies for explosives.

They won’t have groups of strangers looking on while they are treated like common criminals.  They won’t have to waste time undressing and carrying miniature toiletries in plastics bags and putting everything they have with them through screening machines, and they won’t be threatened with $11,000 fines for saying no to groping and molestation.

The third fact is that the government of Iraq got duped into spending millions of dollars on the naked body scanners for “protection”. And after a short period of time they realized they were “useless” and had them removed and replaced them with “bomb sniffing dogs”.

Revelation from fact number three: The people of Iraq are serious about protection and did something that works to protect their people…they brought in bomb sniffing dogs.

The fourth fact is that an American soldier in Afghanistan reported that insurgents had tried to deliberately trick the bomb sniffing dogs by soaking explosives in wd40 and other things to throw the dogs off so that their explosives would be undetected, but it did not work.

Revelation from fact number four: The bomb sniffing dogs are exponentially more effective than naked body scanners and humiliating, groping pat downs.

The fifth fact is that Michael Chertoff, the former secretary of homeland security, has a financial interest in and benefit from selling the naked body scanners to the airports. He is a representative for “Rapid Scan”. This company sells the naked body scanners to Chertoff’s “former” department on a federal contract.

Representative John Duncan from Tennessee said this $300 million dollars for 1,000 body scanners is much more about money than security.

In fact, he said this was a “sweetheart deal, when companies hire former high ranking federal officials then magically those companies get hugely profitable federal contracts …and the American people should not have to choose between cancer causing radiation from a naked body scanner or humiliating groping by TSA workers”.

Revelation from fact number five: Michael Chertoff is engaging in activity, that if a regular citizen was engaged in… would be considered criminal, a major conflict of interest, and would be arrested for fraud, theft, and God only knows what other legal charges.

The sixth fact is that Michael Chertoff has a known track record for making decisions for the American people that are anti freedom, anti liberty, anti the Constitution, and anti American. For example: this is the list from the video that you can see for yourself at www.brasschecktv.com and on CNN

 1. Michael Chertoff said “we had to have the body scanners at airports to be safe.

 2. He drafted the original “Torture is Okay” memo

3. He actually co-authored the so called “Patriot Act” which, pretty much was an attack of the freedom and liberty of the American people. It should have been name the “Total Unpatriotic Act of Government Legalized Tyranny”

 4. He was in charge of New Orleans relief efforts after the levee “failures” I’m sure I don’t have to remind you of the untold suffering there, the deliberate starvation of people held captive, the blackwater thugs’ gun confiscation and beating of little old ladies, and shooting innocent people “citizens” that were already in shock and displaced….on and on

5. He is the pitchman promoting the full body x-ray machines at airports (representing the company selling the full body scanners)

 6. He has organized a consulting firm with a group of partners (from his own mouth) made up of former CIA director Mike H.; P. Snyder, former head of acquisition at the Navy and NSA; Charlie Allen from the intelligence community; Jay Comb who ran the tech program for homeland security and the Navy; and six other people with backgrounds in intelligence and defense and homeland security.

He said “they were doing things as they always have but instead of in the government…they are now being done on the private side”.

Revelation for fact number six: This man, Chertoff, does not give a care about the American people, their safety, or their financial condition.

The seventh fact is that not only are the naked body scanning x-ray machines hazardous to the health of the American people and any other people that travel through them, but they are ineffective and a waste of lots of money.

 Revelation for fact number seven: Each naked body scanner x-ray machine costs a minimum of $150,000 and is worth nothing but ill health and humiliation. And Michael Chertoff is making a lot of money for himself and the company(s) he represent, bilking the American people.

Each sniffing dog trained to detect explosives cost $8,500 and are totally effective, pose no harm to people like the radiation does, and they don’t humiliate people or spread germs.

The eighth fact is that these shady people get by with this type of activity because they write laws that criminalize the people of this nation.

They hire programmable people (using law abiding tax payer’s money) to enforce the rouge laws they create to enslave and control the American people.

 And then they get paid by selling junk, non effective, unnecessary equipment, and by building new jails and prisons. And, by the way, there are more people incarcerated in the United States of America than any other nation in the world.

Oh, yes, Dick Cheney’s Halliburton is also in the “correctional institution prison business” and, yes, the tax payers get to fund that too. And they make money off of working the prisoners.

Revelation for fact number eight: The American people are being assaulted from every front imaginable which affects their ability to respond appropriately to the attack on their civil liberties, their constitutional rights, and their very lives.

The ninth fact is that the use of the naked body scanner x-ray machines violates of our 4th amendment rights.

Revelation for fact number nine: If you don’t know your rights and are willing to stand up for them…you will be treated like scum and live in peril.

The tenth fact is that the TSA said that they had a mandate from congress to use the naked body scanner x-ray machines for security purposes.

Revelation for fact number ten: TSA lied! Marc Rotenberg from the Electronic Privacy Information Center said the house rejected the TSA’s proposal and it never went to the senate for a vote.

These people obviously believe they are above the law and that the American people have been forcibly drugged with enough fluoride in the drinking water that they will swallow anything they dish out to them.

The eleventh fact is that Chertoff and Janet Napolitano is already plotting to put “radiation scanners” in court houses, shopping malls, public schools, sports stadiums, bus stations, train stations, subways, and other places… check www.infowars.com and www.prisonplanet.com to read about it on the Alex Jones Show.

Revelation for fact number eleven: We the people of the United States of America are at the eleventh hour as far as holding the flame of freedom and adhering to the Constitution of our Nation.

The question is: Do you love freedom and liberty enough to stand up for it legally using the Constitution that clearly states your rights? Or will you roll over and fall into a dark age of absolute tyranny, fascism, communism, socialism, and the despotism that the forces of evil incarnate are trying to cloak today under the guise of “keeping you safe”?

You have to decide.

There is not only a war on for your mind but there is also a war on for your soul.

Who will you serve? Is this still "one nation under God" Or...?

America, Use Your Freedom or Lose It

Sometimes it is hard to figure out just how many people are paying attention to what's happening to our unalienable rights. Did you know that Congress passed a law that in the next few years Americans will only be able to purchase cancer causing, mercury filled, spiral, florescent light bulbs from China? And that it will be unlawful to purchase and use incandescent, or full spectrum, safe light bulbs. And that if you do you will be arrested and have to pay a big fine too.

The warning that comes with the toxic, legally required bulbs...

will scare the heck out of most of us Americans and put us in danger too.

If the bulb breaks you must immediately remove everyone from the house or building. Then turn off the air conditioner, heating system, fan... and get a glass jar with a metal top to dispose of the bulb's broken parts. You have to put on a mask, and gloves. Oh yes, you will need duct tape to pick up the fragments and poison powder because you cannot use a broom to sweep it... it's to toxic.

Even if a bulb never breaks, you still have to follow the same disposal procedure. Imagine how your family's health will be affected by the fumes coming from the toxic vapors of the mercury in the bulbs.

The bulbs comes with three pages of instructions. If you don't follow the instructions that comes with the poison light bulbs, you will also face incarceration, per Congress rules and regulations.

So, speak up now and tell your Congressman or woman to get this insane, power tripping law off the books while we still have time to make it happen... or face the consequences later.