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March 18, 2008


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Freedom! Huh! What's that and you are correct I noticed a long time ago that the leash was only so long.


As a Chinese,in my eyes American are free.But what you have said make me feel puzzled.


As a Chinese,in my eyes American are free.But what you have said make me feel puzzled.

Victoria Pugh

Hi Joe,

Are you for real? I guess it may be a little bit more difficult for someone who lives in a country like China to really understand. Currently, we have an out of control government in the United States.

You see, we used to have something called "liberty" "freedom" and "private property". And now, Joe, we have a dictatorship in disguise that follows the directions of Israel and Central Bankers (owned mostly by the Rothschild dynasty and their minions the Bilderbergers) that are controlling our politicians, robbing the citizens, and violating so much of our constitutional rights...that it is beginning to look like, and very clearly, a communist-socialist-fascist nightmare.

There you have it. Do you understand now?


This is understandable that cash can make us free. But what to do if someone does not have money? The one way only is to try to get the mortgage loans and credit loan.


It depends on your view of free, if your view of free is being able to walk around sure, my view of free is different. take our government, if they come to our door and kick us out what can we do about it, they can choose anyone even if they have done nothing wrong and we can be stuck in jail for however long they like. likewise, if this was a free country we could buy anything for any price, then comes the tax, and now we have to pay to live, health care is now required, if thats free to you then what's good about it. i know our lives are better but are we truly free?


Hi Fred,

You are right. That was the point of my asking...what is happening to this "free" country. I see things each and every day now that are blatant violations of our freedom. It seems as if most people are not even paying attention. Either that or they feel helpless and don't even try to use our constitutional rights to make sure we remain a free and sovereign nation with our civil liberties in tact.

Even though America is not what it used to is still better than the rest of the "so called" free nations.

Thank you for your comments.



Hi Rosie,

Cash, especially if it's gold, is very helpful
but it certainly will not make us free.

Thank you for your comments.


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