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March 18, 2008


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alibaba taobao

oh, I really like the style of your writing!


Thank you Alibaba.


Victoria, I just heard you on Alex's show. You are awesome, thank you for all you do.


Hi Ginny,

You're welcome. Thank you very much. :-)

Please come back to visit my blog and leave
feedback for me on my future posts.

If you have specific topics of interest...
let me know!

Thank you,




It was great to hear you on the show today. You are one more person in what is now a very long line of people who are becoming aware of what's going on. I am thankful that you have a good heart and all the best thoughts as to humanity's interests. Remember, the good guys are winning, not losing. We are many and they are few. God bless.


Hi Kevin,

Thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement. :-)
I have been aware of this "sell out of the American
people" and the attempt to transfer our wealth and
other resources for over 2 decades.

Until I heard
A.J. speak on his show... 3 years ago... I really
didn't know that many other people were awake and
actively working to do something about it... outside
of prayer vigils at church.

You are so right... we out number them exponentially.
I just hope and pray that we will unite for the freedom
and liberty of all humanity.

It's time for a golden age! :-)



Hey Victoria. Heard you on Alex Jones today as well,I see already some others have too, just goes to show you people are waking up & on the same page. All we can do now is continue to spread the information everywhere to as many people as we can. Thanks for helping.


Hey James,

You're right. And you're welcome. Thank you for your comment. :-)


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