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April 20, 2008


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Hi Vince,

Thank you very much. :-)



It really bugs me when the secular humanist atheists jump on and start attacking people who espouse the doctrines of the Messiah and his followers.

America was a Christian nation people! It ain't no more, and we can't count nor read anymore either!

Where do you think we get the "Lord's Day Act"?

Why do you think we had public prayer in our public schools, in congress, and in our courts?

Why do you think Moses and the Ten Commandments are etched into the doors and halls of courthouses?

Because the Founders were predominantly and over-whelmingly believers in Christ. They opened congress with three hour prayer sessions and sermons invoking the name of our Savior.

What we need is a great Christian revival, turning off the damn TV, reading our Bibles, and spending good quality time with our families!

Love you Victoria, great work!!


Greetings Andrew,

Thank you for your fiery post!
I appreciate you telling it like
it is. :-)
Please visit my blog and leave
comments on the, I'm sure, controversial
posts that I will be making.

I love you too,


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