America Is Envied By United Nation's Cronies

America The Free, The I Am Race

                            Unique Opportunity For American Citizens Only

Why is it that everyone from around the world that is not happy with their own country wants to come to the United States of America? Why is there also much hatred directed against America?

Perhaps some clues are within the word America itself...


And yes, it is related to Spirit, to God, to Infinite Intelligence...however you choose to express that Divine, Supreme Being.

Let's take a look at the word America. Within it there are three key words. I Am Race. Just like in the Bible "I Am That I Am", being the name of God.

America is the only country in the world where mankind have been given the freedom to praise and worship God as an individual right without censorship, without control, without subjugation, without the people see fit.

Isn't it revealing that in more recent history in the United States of America, Christianity and religious freedom have come under attack? Freedom and liberty have almost vanished. They have almost been replaced by fear and tyranny and subjugation.

Does it take a rocket scientist to notice that something has gone seriously wrong... and done so at an incredibly accelerated pace?

What happened to this free land? She used to be the hope of all those yearning to explore and express their individuality, to be, to create, to pursue happiness in liberty and true freedom. Yes, to fulfill their reason for being...without being controlled by some nefarious dictator or having to fear...fear.

                                  Original Roots and Tentacles of Evil

Back in the days of Jesus Christ it was clear who the enemy was...and how the enemy attempted to use divide and conquer tactics and economic and physical enslavement.

Things have changed drastically since the powers of evil have taken up new masks and new tactics.

You see, America was accelerating at enormous speeds toward enlightenment...and becoming not only a safe haven for fleeing souls of Light worldwide but also an example of freedom's flame for all to emulate in their own countries.

Well, the lowly powers of darkness could not stand by idly and watch that happen. So they started trying to inflitrate the very fabric of America's society and make it crumble and fall like greedy, starving termites on a rickety, vulnerable house.

                               Subtle or Not so Subtle Evil Influences

They moved against our educational system. They moved against our government. They moved against our banking system. They moved against our Churches. They moved against our medical system. They have and are continuing to pollute our environment and ecosystem. They are poisoning our food and water supplies. They are forcing our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and husbands and wives to fight under the control of an internationally controlled military establishment. They are even thinking for us and making the simplest decisions for us because they consider us to be idiots... no longer capable of cognition.

To get right down to the nitty gritty... there is no area of society where they have not put their dirty hands in. Who are they? Who are their lackeys? What is their intent? How did they accomplish so much of their evil agenda without detection or challenge? What is their major purpose?

Although this current continuing saga has played itself out in different dramas over centuries, today's version is tied to one evil family and their henchmen and lackeys.

I will answer these questions and give you the opportunity to find out the whole story...coming soon!


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