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America Is Envied By United Nation's Cronies

Although the United Nations claims to be a governing body whose purpose is to help all nations in the world, their track record shows them to be evil, self serving bullies. They use America to do their dirty work while trying to take her under for the count. President George W. Bush even said ...

(and it is up on You Tube for the whole world to see) "America went to war in Iraq to vendicate the United Nations."

So why on earth are we bankrupting our country, killing off our people, forcing pseudo democracy off on a nation that is trying to get rid of us and have never asked for nor wanted our presence???

The fake United Nations answer is "nation building" when the real answer is "bank building" for the Rothschild family... They only need to take over the financial systems of 5 or 6 more nations and they will have a foothold on the world.

There, you have it. The United Nations was created for the purpose of using the United States of America with all of her resources and power to be their dominate the rest of the world not already under the feet of the power elite...aka the Rothchilds and the Bilderbergers.


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