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July 20, 2008


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Jeanne Van Gilder

Is this seriously an anti-flourescent lightbulb article?

More importantly, is this article seriously pro-incandescent?

Flourescent light bulbs are extremely efficient and no where near as toxic as this article implies. Yes, the chemicals inside flourescent bulbs are hazardous, but the glass they are made with is specially tempered to reduce the risk of breaking.

Incandescent light bulbs, on the other hand, are extremely inefficient. Of the power used for incandescent light bulbs, about 90% goes into heat, not light. 90% to heat.

Now, I don't know the percentages for the flourescent lightbulb, but when was the last time you burnt your fingers changing a flourescent lightbulb?

I, for one, am glad that the government is getting the inefficient incandescent bulbs out of our homes. Bravo, for once, American Government!

Victoria Pugh

It is really pathetic that idiots need the government to dictate what kind of light bulb they should use. And it is even more pathetic that people would choose toxic, slave labor produced products to kill themselves and their families and co-workers.

Jeanne Van Gilder, you are obviously stupid. Please don't post on my blog anymore. This is a "not for dummies" blog. Okay.

If you like living under hegemony, celebrate it somewhere else!

Try to detox yourself so you can begin to thing straight again...if you ever have.

jordan 7

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Ok, Jeanne Van Gilder, I just moved into a house and in the cold room, lo and behold, I find two broken fluorescent tubes. I guess the government's math models didn't factor in mistakes...how stupid is that??

If you go to the EPA website it will tell you EXACTLY what Victoria wrote regarding how to clean up a mercury spill. Word for word.

Bottom line is, out of their own mouths they condemn themselves because they don't have a problem injecting this stuff into our babies, the elderly, and fools like you. 25 micrograms directly into your blood is a LOT!! Grow up, get informed, this is an INFOWAR!!!


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for you post. I know it is strange but some people actually want the government to tell them everything that
they should do and how to do it. Sometimes I wonder if commenters like Jeanne are simply agents that work for the government to try to make bloggers throw up their hands in frustration and delete the blogs and shut down their websites. :-)


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