America Is Envied By United Nation's Cronies
America’s Freedom and the Assault of The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) under the (United States Department of Homeland Security)

America, Use Your Freedom or Lose It

Sometimes it is hard to figure out just how many people are paying attention to what's happening to our unalienable rights. Did you know that Congress passed a law that in the next few years Americans will only be able to purchase cancer causing, mercury filled, spiral, florescent light bulbs from China? And that it will be unlawful to purchase and use incandescent, or full spectrum, safe light bulbs. And that if you do you will be arrested and have to pay a big fine too.

The warning that comes with the toxic, legally required bulbs...

will scare the heck out of most of us Americans and put us in danger too.

If the bulb breaks you must immediately remove everyone from the house or building. Then turn off the air conditioner, heating system, fan... and get a glass jar with a metal top to dispose of the bulb's broken parts. You have to put on a mask, and gloves. Oh yes, you will need duct tape to pick up the fragments and poison powder because you cannot use a broom to sweep it... it's to toxic.

Even if a bulb never breaks, you still have to follow the same disposal procedure. Imagine how your family's health will be affected by the fumes coming from the toxic vapors of the mercury in the bulbs.

The bulbs comes with three pages of instructions. If you don't follow the instructions that comes with the poison light bulbs, you will also face incarceration, per Congress rules and regulations.

So, speak up now and tell your Congressman or woman to get this insane, power tripping law off the books while we still have time to make it happen... or face the consequences later.


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