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November 07, 2010


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The transparency and the raw in your face culture of america was fascinating and a phenomenom embraced and integrated vastly throughout europe and the world which has shaped much of modern europes ideals and thinking, its undeniable. But theres this great deception and hypocracy on many faceted levels being spewed out throughout the western mind. Europe will boast we are free and not racist when infact it is the opposite. One might be able to use a curse word on national t.v. or radio and perhaps even walk nude along a beach but not be able to speak openly on political, race, social issues on such platforms without facing impending laws or restraints. True freedom is freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom to buy and sell and open businesess without governmental restraints. The very things which made america fascinating to the world with its rapid ever-changing history, ideals, multi-culturalism and open-market envirorment. And as far as racism goes, true racism is separatism and we all know the story in america with the blacks who stood up peaceably against the system and prevailed and beat the system and therefore the overall american mind and paved the way for advancments in multi-culturalism and multi-ethnic integrations within the whole social and economic structure. You cannot say the same for most of europe excluding countries like todays great britain, sweden and perhaps france. Its quite simple, look at the social and economic structure of countries like spain and italy, germany, holland etc. With the number of ethnic groups within these countries there still remains vast seperation. Spain i think being the ultimate example, you will not see a black man in a suit and tie or a blackman in any t.v. shows or media. In this regard amongst other issues spain remains like 40years in the past. Ive been there and lived there so i speak out of experience, my knowledge does not come from popular media, documentaries or books. Its like that saying: You can read a book on a subject and feel confident you are an expert but then experience it firsthand and realise you know nothing. That comment is directed to the millions of europeans who think they know me or my country, or my hometown from documentaries, movies, or even from class but have not been to my country. Americanism came in like a tidalwave into europe and has made it a better place indeed, this is also undeniable. America was the ultimate example of freedom there ever was, and for all you people out there whos minds are shaped by popular mainstream projections and worldliness understand that if america is destroyed then there is no hope anywhere, but i believe america will be the last domino to fall because of its diversity and non-socialist infrastructure. The establishment of the E.U. is a major acheivement indeed for globalist agendas and america also is suffocating from this squeeze. I just think people worldwide need to wake up and embrace true knowledge and multi-dimensional critical thinking, a non-biased, empathetic attitude, compassion and understanding. If one embraced such things whole-heartedly he/she is truly a free-spirit and a beacon of light to the rest.


Greetings Ben,

Thank you very much for your post.

And thank you for sharing so much.

I know that the globalists will not
destroy America. Freedom and liberty
will prevail. It looks grim and bleak
right now with the blatant robbery
being done by the central bankers...
Yet I know in my heart that the
people of this nation, in the end,
will not allow our freedom to be taken
by the evil forces that think they
have to power to take away our God
given rights!

If they think their evil take over
plan is going to work... they have
another thought coming.

Thanks again for you post. :-)


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