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America Company Denies Responsibility for Samonella Poisoning in Their Food

Americans should really think of becoming vegetarians, unless you raise your own sources of meat. And also... start growing as much of your own food as possible.

I just had horrific food poisoning from a package of Honeysuckle ground turkey from the maker Cargill Meats. And all they have decided to do about it is to have people call and harass me about how they don't think it was possible because the meat was 93% fat free as opposed to 85% fat free where they originally had the problem??? Try and go figure that???

They also told me that I "can't prove" their turkey gave me samonella food poisoning because I did not go to the doctor and have them take a stool sample... and waste money they're not going to reimburse me for.

So since there is no "evidence"... they can't do anything about it other than deny it and cast off their responsibility for making me, and only God knows' how many other people, terribly ill.

Then one of the women that called me went on to try and convince me that I'm clueless about what I put in my own body and how it affects me and that "regulatory agencies" make sure that their products are "good".

Just do a google search to see "how good" those bought and paid for regulatory agencies are doing "watching and making sure" by the number of recalls and illness and deaths are caused by toxic foods.

Another thing that is worth noting is how a large number of the employees in the various regulatory agencies are also former employees of the big companies that they are "regulating".

It's truly disgusting. And to think... our politicians are working overtime to outlaw our ability to even have a backyard garden.

Americans beware of what you eat!

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