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America's “Super Congress” or the “Super Dictators”

The litmus test for any current presidential candidate can be determined by a few key stances. The first one is the so called “Federal Reserve”. The second one is the "Military Industrial Complex". And the final one is the new, illegal, unconstitutional so called “Super Congress”.

When a candidate’s true position on any of these issues is revealed, it will show whether or not he or she is worthy to hold the office and title of President of the United States of America.

A Disturbing Pattern

For far too long, beginning in 1913 with Woodrow Wilson, our presidents have been put into office by the criminal offshore bankers to serve them and their overlords…the Rothschild’s and other associates of Nephilim, Watchers, Laggards, and Maldekians. Our presidents have been obedient servants… knowingly or unknowingly. As a result, the American people have been sold out and used to prop up the evil plans of foreign criminals and in so doing have lower their own standard of living and tarnished their image worldwide. But that is not enough for the criminal, evil bankers. Now they have decided to drive a stake through the heart and soul of America.

Hidden In Plain View

In the past it was very clear who these parasitical robber Barrons were. They did things like burning people at the stake in order to legally confiscate their property once they were dead and gone. Today they form big corporations and pay off politicians, using the taxes they rob from the people, to put laws, and rules and regulations in place that assures they eliminate their competition and guarantee their own profits and ability to control.

The Potential for Super Tyranny

The super congress is a mocking joke. It is completely unconstitutional and is another venue to be used for the Rothschild bankers to rob and pillage what resources the American people have left. And they are doing it all with a straight face. I guess they feel that they have chem trail sprayed and water fluoridated Americans enough so that they can no longer think, discern, see…

This committee of 12, 6 congressmen and 6 senators, and the 1 president… for a total of 13 is a covert mockery against Christianity. They have set themselves up as the 12 disciples and Christ.

I remember Obama joking about not being born in a manger. Well, Mr. President, with the untold suffering that have come upon America since you took the helm from our last dim witted president… Bush Jr, I don’t think anybody believe you were born in a manger… perhaps more like a lair.

Ceremonial Edward Bernays’ Propaganda Pushers

Congress has the lowest approval rating that they have ever had… only 12 percent of the American people approve of what they are doing. More than likely, that 12 percent are the members of their families that enjoy the lavish lifestyle that the American people are forced to pay for them.

Now that the super congress has, in effect, pulled of their coup d’état… congress will have no real meaningful function. They will not be able to use a filibuster to block a horrid bill. They will not be able to amend any of the bills that come out of the “super congress”. In other words, congress is powerless and have sat on their butts and allowed a group of lackeys to totally disregard our constitution.

The only job that congress can perform now other than steal tax payer dollars is to be pushers for the “super congress” using Edward Bernays’ mind control techniques, that he learned from his uncle, Sigmund Freud and used to train the criminal bankers, corporate America and politicians, effectively keeping Americans in a conscious and subconscious fear mode about pseudo wars on terror, pseudo wars on drugs, and any other lies they can dream up to frighten the people into giving up more of their freedom.

The Past can Predict the Future

Will the super congress try to violate our 2nd amendment rights in the near future and come up with gun control and send their black ops mercenary troops door to door to forcibly take away American’s guns?

Will they make every illegal immigrant a citizen of the United States without having to go through the legal process that many people’s ancestors had to go through that assured they understood and wanted to be a part of the American culture and society?

Will they give another 32 trillion dollars to Wall Street and the Rothschild bankers… further robbing Americans and bankrupting this nation?

Will they give Ben Bernanke the go ahead to crank up the printing press and print money until it is totally worthless… creating hyperinflation and wiping out all the savings Americans have left?

Will they delegate more of the whittling away of this nation’s sovereignty and security like they did with the Uruguay Agreements / World Trade Organization under the Bill Clinton administration?

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Allowing this “super congress” to make the decisions for this nation is like putting a fox in charge of taking care of a hen's house.

Big corporations have already started pouring in mega contributions to the members of this “super congress”. Do you think that will influence their ill gained power and the decisions they make? Who will those decisions benefit… the people or the companies and corporations that are forking over the big bucks?

The founders of this once great nation risked their lives and fortunes to get away from the control of tyrannical dictators… to have the freedom and liberty to live life in peace with the ability to be prosperous.

Those same forces of abject evil have infiltrated the fabric of the American society and are eating away at it like termites on an old, dilapidated house.

Do you care enough about this nation to do something about it before it is too late?

We have a Constitution. It is being blatantly violated. Let your voice be heard! The time has come. It is now or never.

On the path of freedom and liberty,




America Company Denies Responsibility for Samonella Poisoning in Their Food

Americans should really think of becoming vegetarians, unless you raise your own sources of meat. And also... start growing as much of your own food as possible.

I just had horrific food poisoning from a package of Honeysuckle ground turkey from the maker Cargill Meats. And all they have decided to do about it is to have people call and harass me about how they don't think it was possible because the meat was 93% fat free as opposed to 85% fat free where they originally had the problem??? Try and go figure that???

They also told me that I "can't prove" their turkey gave me samonella food poisoning because I did not go to the doctor and have them take a stool sample... and waste money they're not going to reimburse me for.

So since there is no "evidence"... they can't do anything about it other than deny it and cast off their responsibility for making me, and only God knows' how many other people, terribly ill.

Then one of the women that called me went on to try and convince me that I'm clueless about what I put in my own body and how it affects me and that "regulatory agencies" make sure that their products are "good".

Just do a google search to see "how good" those bought and paid for regulatory agencies are doing "watching and making sure" by the number of recalls and illness and deaths are caused by toxic foods.

Another thing that is worth noting is how a large number of the employees in the various regulatory agencies are also former employees of the big companies that they are "regulating".

It's truly disgusting. And to think... our politicians are working overtime to outlaw our ability to even have a backyard garden.

Americans beware of what you eat!

In freedom and liberty,