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June 01, 2011


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Great blog, keep going. keep educating, good bless

Scott Longman

Good call today on Alex's show. Just thought I'd drop by and say keep up the good work!!

Scott Longman
Cave Creek, AZ


Thank you very much!

I will make this website
a priority and keep posting
timely, relevant information.

God bless you,



Thank you for coming to my blog and leaving an encouraging comment. I appreciate the feedback. I will be posting at least weekly. It is hard
to narrow it down to which of the many topics that comes up everyday concerning our constitutional rights that we have to stay on top of.

Have a blessed day!


Dr. D. P. Gatten

Great Call To AJ Today
Posted This Link On FB
Keep Up The Important Work!
Dr.DP, as I am about my FATHER's Business!
Making A Difference And Helping Other People Reach Their Goals!


Greetings Dr. Gatten,

Thank you for you comments. :-)

I will continue making posts to expose the
corruption so people can take a
closer look and make choices to
help make this world a better place
for all of us and our progeny.

Thanks again,



Heard you on Infowars today so I wanted to check out your blog. You are so well-spoken and with your clear-cut writing style anyone would be able to understand these current complexities. I'll have to direct folks to your site. Thanks for all you're doing and for getting the word out. Keep talkin'!
God bless,

M Theory

Heard you on Alex today! Good job. Keep blogging! You sounded awesome, Lady!


Greetings Denise,

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your encouraging comments.
And thank you for telling your friends about my blog. :-)

God bless you too!



Hi M Theory,

Thank you. :-)

I will, and I appreciate your feedback.


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