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Am I Still Free In America?

As Americans, many of us have taken for granted that freedom and individual liberty is simply a birthright due to our constitution and its protections... and that it would always be there... no matter what.

Not so... Recently those constitutional rights have been under attack from the very people we have voted into office to protect them.

For example, Indiana is fighting to restore their fourth amendment right for protection against illegal searches of their homes. A judge ruled that it was okay for police and other "law enforcement agencies" to enter people's  homes if they suspect anything or for any reason or no reason.

Now no-one is save in their home and no-one has privacy or a secure feeling under their own roof. Make no mistake... if the state of Indiana gets away with that blatant violation of the constitution... tyrants in other states will follow suit... it's only a matter to time.

Another example is New Mexico. The people in that state are fighting to restore their second amendment right to be able to bear fire arms to protect themselves and their families if and when the need arise.

Make no mistake... if the state of New Mexico gets away with that blatant violation of the constitution... tyrants in other states will follow suit... some are already trying to do so as I write this blog post.

Just look at how the black water thugs beat old ladies in New Orleans and took their guns in a trial run... to see if the American people would just roll over and take it.

I heard today that Texas is under attack with a first amendment violation of the constitution... their valedictorians are not allow to use free speech and simply say "I thank God".

You see, they are forbidden to say "God" because it might offend someone. Now just how stupid is that? We are one nation under God but not allowed to say the word "God" in public for fear of offending someone.

For those who feel that history is boring and not worth studying... you are doomed to repeat the mistakes that have cost many their lives, fame and fortunes.

If you want a crash course in how these slithery evil forces have woven themselves into the fabric of our society and humanity world wide... click here ... for a story that will shock you and propel you to take action to restore the republic and promote freedom for everybody, everywhere.

To your enlightenment,