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America, Get Out Of The United Nations!

America would be wise to get of the United Nations immediately!

This week I did a lot of research looking for an article I read two years ago in main stream media about the United Nation's "peace keepers" trading food for sex with little children in Africa.

The U. N. workers admitted it. U.N. officials said they knew it was a problem but they were "trying to do better". Why are they exempt from prison?

During my research, what I found was so disturbing... that I could not sleep and the tears were coming involuntarily... I was numb.

The little, helpless children refer to the U.N. workers as the "blue hats". They think they are there to help them. Many of these children are orphans due to wars. Some of the "blue hats" let them know they have to trade sex for food... or starve and die.

Just go to google and type in "United Nation workers trade food for sex" and many pages of horrifying stories will come up. From Africa to Asia to South America, and even North America... scandalous recurring stories are told of sex abuse. Not only of helpless children but also women.

This evil entity, called the U.N., is funded, at least 50% of it, by the money that they rob from the American tax payers. So they take our money and use it to extract sex from children and women that are in dire circumstances.

Now, our president, Obama, has told congress that he takes orders from the United Nations. He has pretty much stated that we are no longer a sovereign nation. What happened to obeying the constitution?

So now anytime the United Nations decides they want to rob a country of their natural resources or land (under the guise of peace keeping)... they can just forcibly order American troops to go in and be slaughtered and to massacre innocent people anywhere in the world at any time... just because they say so.

Oh my God!

It actually took them two planned world wars in order to create this monster that so mockingly calls itself the "United Nations". And they did it by planting a Russian spy, Alger Hiss, in the United States government.

The only thing that is "united" about the U.N. is their unity in tyranny. And they are accomplishing this, for the most part, by using the United States money and military might.

Once again, America, get out of the United Nations! They are no more than evil, ruthless bullies that are destroying humanity world wide.




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