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June 2012

America! Beware Of The Bilderberg Meeting In Switzerland

To all American patriots and freedom loving patriots everywhere in the world...if you can afford it...  go to Switzerland to join the protest against the Bilderberg group's meeting in session.

They are there right now plotting their agenda of what evil they want to terrorize humanity with next.   :-(

I'm listening to prison planet tv and watching the live feed from their reporters on the ground in Switzerland right now.  

They are reporting that the evil forces are now plotting to spread their planned wars throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

They are also planning to replace the current, disgraced International Monetary Fund's chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was accused of the attempted rape a maid on May 16, 2011... with, so far, an unnamed , new IMF chief from Mexico.

Other than the luxurious hotel where they are having their meeting and the breath taking mountains in the back drop... the rest of the scene looks like something from an outer space movie.

They have cameras on tripods about 15 feet apart. People are not allowed to walk near the hotel. Their robotical, armed minions are forcibly detaining people and checking their passports as intimidation.

What happened to civil rights? Why do they get to dictate where citizens can walk on roads they paid for? How do they get to take over an entire hotel and ban any other person from entering the premises?

We, the people of America and the world want to, and have the right to live free, today, tomorrow and forever!

In freedom, peace, and liberty,