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Freedom Is A God Given Right, Not A Political Decision

It Is Much Worse Now Than It Was Then

Thirteen years ago I wrote my first article here at I Am Free . In that article I wrote about our freedom and how it was being trampled upon by the same forces of evil that are currently attempting to run roughshod over all people on earth today.

Once again, they are using fear tactics... "be afraid of a virus" which, as several documented and verified sources have reported, the fear pushers have created the new virus and weaponized it to carry out their depopulation agenda that has been on going for at least a century. In the past, they have targeted the African American people, Hispanic people, American Indian people, and poor White people. It is different today. Now they are including everyone... all people, all races, and all socioeconomic categories. 

They Want Artificial Intelligence Robots Not Humans

They explained their fake concern about overpopulation and gave a warning for everyone to see... over a decade ago. It is still standing and posted for all to see on the "Georgia Guide Stones." It clearly states that their end goal is to murder 90% (ninety percent) of the worlds population. (Do a google search for that  name and read what they said).

In another article I posted back then there was a warning about the so called "United Nations". Firstly, that parasitical, predatory organization is far from uniting anything except its corruption and power.

Sadly, they have been built up by using the massive amounts of tax dollars that they have stolen annually from the American people (without the consent of the people) and they continue to siphon off our money to this day.

It is heart breaking to see how they hire pedophiles that prey on little children, toddlers, in third world nations... trading food for sex, rape... with impunity.

Defund The United Nation Cartel

There is no one in the USA that want to fund these evil people... knowing that they have admittedly confessed that this type of horrific evil is being carried out. The men that were found raping children in exchange for food were not even fired or jailed. They were just told to do better and excuses were made for them and they went on with business as usual.

There is a list of egregious acts, crimes against humanity being issued through this self declared rule making, dictatorial organization... and it is all destructive, anti freedom, and anti humanity... which only serve them and their sick agenda and no-one else.

Save Our Veterans And Other Homeless People

There are thousands of homeless Americans in every state in the USA. Many of those homeless people are veterans... veterans that have served in active duty in an effort to defend their homeland.

Let's start a movement to defund the UN. 

If we defund the UN and use that money for Americans, that could solve our homeless problem over night.

We could send our homeless people for job training that they choose... their own passion. That would help the economy and countless lives.

We Are Not Your Subjects

America is a sovereign nation. We don't need anti-freedom dictators telling us what to do and how to live our lives. We have a constitution with our rights outlined in great detail. No body of regulators in UN has any authority to make rules and regulations for the citizens of the United States of America. Even the president of the USA has rules and regulations and limitations of power and is subjected to the laws of the land.

We as a people exercise our free will, as long as that free will is not illegal nor immoral. That free will comes from God, not politicians, not bureaucrats, not CEO's, not organizations, not mad, pseudo scientists, not pharmaceutical executives, not malevolent aliens, not anyone.

We are united as one people and we are individualized beings in God, and we will remain that way.

In freedom and liberty forever,

I AM Victoria