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Leave Aaron Rodgers Alone

Talking Heads

I read an article this morning that was condemning the wise quarter back Aaron Rodgers for not taking the experimental spike protein cocktail of toxins being called a vaccine... that includes aborted fetal tissue, heavy metals, debris, and other contaminants... as shown by several highly acclaimed doctors that are number one in their fields.

Aaron Rodgers was actually called a liar, in a way, by the writers Kelly McLaughlin and Tyler Lauletta in an article in the "Insider" today, November 3, 2021, that appeared, reprinted in Yahoo News.

The issue appears to be about the fact that Aaron Rodgers has a natural immunity from the covid 19 virus. When he was asked about having the jab... he answered that he had immunity. Therefore, he did not lie. Why should he have to lie anyway? It is his body; he can do whatever he decides to do with his own body. This is America, not communist China... right?

Yet he was being called out for making a decision for his own body. If Aaron Rodgers does not want to take a covid 19 injection into his body... that is his God given free will choice. He should not have to explain, get permission, beg, nor kiss up to anyone for their understanding or approval.

My Body My Choice

It seems that some people are becoming intrusive and insane when it comes to them feeling and or believing that they have the right to force their thinking and beliefs off onto others and make them comply.

The people that have this attitude are the same ones that are pro murdering babies through abortion... some carry signs that says "my body, my choice" and they truly believe that it is okay to murder the unborn but it is not okay for people to say "no" to an experimental, so called vaccine... that have already killed large numbers of people, caused heart attacks, strokes, paralysis, nerve trauma, blood clots, horrible rashes, and a host of other maladies. 

But when Aaron Rodgers says through his insightful action of not getting an experimental jab, "his body, his choice" these people don't think that is okay. What freaking hypocrisy!

They reported that Aaron said, "to each his own", that if his team mates or anyone else wanted to take the shot/jab, go for it... let them make their own free will choice... and let him do the same.

What Happened To The Nobel Peace Prize Winner?

The creator of the "test" being used to detect covid 19 died mysteriously. He is on video telling the world that he "NEVER" intended for that test to be used to detect covid or any other virus because it could easily be manipulated by turning the magnification up... which would magically get any result the tester wanted.

That clearly shows that anyone can receive a false positive of whatever. When the inventor went public on video stating that... he "died" suddenly and sadly.

Aaron Rodgers is Not Alone

The quarterback Kirk Cousins, for the Minnesota Vikings, was treated harshly for refusing to get the spike protein jab. A medical establishment from his home town was angry with him for not taking the jab and made some ignorant comments towards him. Thank God Kirk followed his own inner guidance.

Another quarterback, Cam Newton, was and is still being treated harshly for not taking the injection... Again, thank God Cam is following his own inner guidance.

There is a basketball star that took the jab and is now debilitated and wishing he had never made that life changing error. He is no longer able to play ball. And on top of that, he said, on video, that he was told to shut up and not tell the public what happened to him... but he had enough care and love for others to tell his story anyway.

The Truth is Being Covered Up

His story is not an isolated case. There are flood tides of those kind of stories from people from all walks of life... they are being concealed... Why are they being covered up? Does that make sense? Where are the open debates? Why is the covid narrative one sided? Why do we now have truth checkers that thinks for us and tell us what to believe? Who appointed these hired or self appointed "truth checkers"? Who do they work for? Follow the money... see what you find.

It's your body; it's your choice, say NO to tyranny. When your free will is not respected and when force, intimidation and shaming come into play... tyranny is trying to rear its ugly head.

It's Aaron Rodgers choice. It's Kirk Cousins choice. It's Cam Newton's choice. It's your choice; it is every individual's choice... not some bureaucrat or their minions' choice. They are using manipulation through controlled media bought and paid for by big pharmaceutical companies and the other "big" adversaries.

If you have any questions... send me an email. If you have any comments, leave them here on my website.

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